Boundless Compassion retreat

Boundless Compassion retreat


Purpose: To deepen the living of compassion in one’s life by learning and practicing ways of being a compassionate presence. Co-sponsored by Spirit in the Desert and Institute of Compassionate Presence.

This retreat:

  • Includes opportunities to explore the depths of the many  layered components of compassion as reflected in the central qualities of the life/teachings of Jesus.
  • Aims to expand and deepen one’s  understanding of compassion from both a personal and professional perspective.
  • Draws on insights from many dimensions, including: theology, spirituality, science, sociology and psychology.
  • Serves as a catalyst for a renewed commitment to be a compassionate presence to oneself and to those who are in the midst of pain and struggle.

Boundless Compassion retreats include communal prayer, video resources, small group dialogue, and extended quiet times  for reflection.

Who is this retreat for? Healthcare personnel, counselors and spiritual directors, educators and social workers, church ministers, parents and grandparents, personal caregivers, persons in transition, anyone wishing to grow in compassion.  This retreat is open to persons from all faith traditions.


Joyce Rupp, OSM, is world renown for her work as a writer, spiritual midwife, international retreat leader, and conference speaker. She is the author of numerous bestselling books, including Praying Our Goodbyes, The Door and Fragments of Your Ancient Name. Her book on aging, Fly While You Still Have Wings, is among her publications earning an award in spirituality from the Catholic Press Association.  Joyce is a member of the Servite (Servants of Mary) community and the co-director of the Institute of Compassionate Presence (ICP). She lives in West Des Moines, Iowa. She is one of the most sought out and beloved retreat leaders of our time.

What people are saying:

“ I have felt a strong spiritual shift in my thinking and reacting, which has brought me a lot of peace and clarity.”

“The program has awakened within me a quest for new ways to show compassion, to be with those who are broken and in need, and to gently tend my own soul.”

“For me this program has opened more doors to learn, scrutinize and deepen my awareness of how badly we need compassion in our world.”

“This program makes one comfortable with the uncomfortable, opening one’s eyes, heart, and mind toward others.”

“I was reminded over and over of why I do what I do as a chaplain.”

Schedule for Workshop:

Sun 9/24: Begins with Dinner at 6pm; 7pm-9pm evening session
Mon 9/25 -Wed 9/27:  sessions are at 9am-4:30pm each day
Thurs 9/28:  9am session ending at 4pm
Meals: Breakfast at 8am, Lunch at noon.

Program Cost:
Includes 12 meals (dinner on the Sept. 24th through lunch on the 28th), beverages and snacks, four nights lodging, and $275 tuition.

Private room: $885  per person
Shared room: $760  per person
Commuter:  $490  per person (all of the above except lodging). 

*Note: the workshop is beneficial to those who attend the entire time. Partial attendance is not an option.

The Early Deposit option has now closed. All registrations must be paid with full amount. Payment can be made with a check or credit card.

To register, please call Guest Services at (480) 488-5218, or email us at