Community of the Wild Goose


  1. David

    I love it! The awkwardness of being alive. The awkwardness of being real. The perfection of being in His presence.

    • Teri L Undreiner

      Just what I’m looking for! I’ll be attending June 2. It says Weekly gathering but then June 2. Is it also weekly?

      • Solveig Muus

        Hi Teri. It’s a monthly gathering, and we’ll look forward to seeing you. Thanks for the eagle eye, we’ll amend the text!

  2. Ben Phillips

    I love this community and I’m so thankful for Henry’s heart as he listens to the heart/Spirit of God and shares it authentically with anyone and everyone in his life. I’m so excited to rediscover this community!

    • Solveig Muus

      Thank you for your thoughtful comments, Ben ~ we agree! Please note the first community gathering at Spirit in the Desert has changed to March 3.

  3. Ed Bernard

    I love this group. It is informal while offering well thoughtout and realistic spiritual guidance.

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