Our culinary approach

Our culinary approach at Spirit is simple: We believe that food is a gift. 

A gift to be respected, savored and shared.

Ingredients are alive and visiting us for a short time.

 We aspire to celebrate food and all of the ways it sustains us.

So basically, we are throwing a Big Party for the Food.

We encourage our guests to try something new or perhaps something they had a bad experience with in the past (like Liver & Onions!).

Menus are designed and served so that everyone can sample a little of everything, if they like.

All dietary concerns are dealt with by having something for everyone. Vegan, Gluten and Lactose free options are always available. Omnivores and Pescatarians are also welcome!

Que Mitote!

In Mexico, the term ‘mitote’ is used to refer to scandal, noise, disorder, relaxation or sometimes to everything that takes us out of concentration. It is also a ceremony of pre-Hispanic origin, where the deities are asked for and thanked for abundant rain, a good harvest and for the well-being of the community.