Spirit in the Desert Retreat Center chapels provide two indoor multi-use worship spaces, Ravenscroft Chapel and the smaller, more intimate Sunset Chapel.

Ravenscroft Chapel

As a worship space, Ravenscroft Chapel is the ultimate desert sanctuary. Stunning views of the desert on two sides reveal God in nature, while the interior exudes dignified tranquility and beauty. Features include a grand piano, an upright piano, a 7000 lumen ceiling mounted projector, two 1000 watt speakers, and a 6.5 x 11.5ft motor driven screen. Of the two Spirit in the Desert Retreat Center chapels, Ravenscroft is the most spacious and has been used for weddings and concerts, as well as retreat and conference programs.

Sunset Chapel

Sunset chapel is a beautiful, secluded, intimate chapel located in Lower Estrem that is ideal for private meditations. Aptly named for the beautiful sunsets that illuminate the chapel in the waning hours of the day, it is just as beautiful in the morning, noon or night.