Desert Sojourn Retreats

Desert Sojourn Retreats

Desert Sojourn Retreats are sponsored by Spirit in the Desert, developed by our staff, and open to the public. These workshops and retreats are designed to engage your mind, refresh your spirit, and strengthen your connection to the Creator.

Women, men, families, veterans, clergy and lay, seekers, people of all races and creeds are welcome to register for these events. Click on an event to learn more about it, then call or email to register.

Nov 15 – 17, 2024
Woman veteran salutes the flag illustrating the Healing of Memories retreat for women veterans

Healing of Memories Workshop for Women Veterans

This workshop for women veterans is a safe place for participants to explore personal histories and gain insight and empathy for themselves and others.
Jan 23 – 26, 2025
Living into a New Story Retreat; a close-up view of the Earth's surface

Living into a New Story Retreat

Explore what the natural sciences can teach us about Christian theology at the ‘Living into a New Story’ Retreat at Spirit in the Desert.