Daily Devotions: November 22, 2017

Daily Devotions: November 22, 2017

Psalm 95:1-7a

“Let us come into his presence with thanksgiving; let us make a joyful noise to him with songs of praise!” vs. 2\

For Americans, this is a week filled with preparations for a massive Thanksgiving banquet of turkey and all our favorite foods. It’s a time for feasting and sharing with family and friends. In most cities there’s even a demonstrated concern for the homeless and the poor… shelters may get a hearty meal served by volunteers. For many there really is a genuine desire to offer thanks and praise to God for the bounty that is ours in creation…and some will even take time for worship. Among Christians, this has become the time of the year for setting  aside differences and joining together for interfaith, community services. It’s a recognition that beyond all our artificial and arbitrary distinctions, we have a common need and desire to thank God for blessings showered on us all. Of course, as is its nature, our culture is scheming to take advantage of the holiday. Where once we had plenty of time to concentrate on family, in these days we face a barrage of ads for Christmas shopping. Stores are opening up even on Thanksgiving to give shoppers chances at limited unbelievable bargains. Instead of spending time together at a tasty meal thanking God for our blessings, we’re being tempted to join the feeding frenzy at the malls. In such an atmosphere, thoughts of thanksgiving are easily replaced by lusts for more stuff and joyful songs of praise are challenged by the catchy lyrics of advertising jingles!

Thought for the Day: How might my Thanksgiving be sabotaged?


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