Daily Devotions: November 21, 2017

Daily Devotions: November 21, 2017

Ezekiel 34:20-24

“Therefore, thus says the Lord God to them: I myself will judge between the fat sheep and the lean sheep.” vs. 20

Those who have had a chance to observe herds of animals or flocks of birds know that every group has a certain hierarchy. There will always be dominating individuals. The strong will always lord it over the weak; in a flock of chickens the most vulnerable will often be killed…they’ll be pecked to death by the other chickens. The same thing happens among humans. Some of us, for one reason or another, believe that we’ve been given license to dominate others. Occasionally it’s a male/female thing and we see men using their position to harass and intimidate women…and sometimes they’ll even claim it’s their right, that men are supposed to lord it over women. Ezekiel reminds us that ultimately the Lord is always on the side of the weak and defenseless, and that one day there will be justice. Dominators will fall and victims will be lifted up. Leaders among us are called to stand with the vulnerable and insure that they will find refuge and peace. There’s just no place in the kingdom for domination and bullying…chickens and cows were never intended as our role models. We’re called to a different standard, one that affirms and cares, and that won’t put up with systems designed to protect the powerful and exploit the most exposed.

Thought for the Day: In what ways do women exploit men?


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