Daily Devotions: May 18, 2018

Daily Devotions: May 18, 2018

May 18, 2018

Romans 8:22-27…“Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness; for we do not know how to pray as we ought, but that very Spirit intercedes with sighs too deep for words.” vs. 26

Most people pray at one time or another. With some, it’s occasional and almost spontaneous, a blurting out of some deep concern in a moment of crisis. Others are more intentional in their prayer life and take time nearly every day to offer up their deepest thoughts and concerns to God. We could assume that a practice that so widespread would be well understood, but that’s not the case. Instead there’s a cloak of mystery wrapped around prayer and we’re frequently puzzled about what it is and how it should be done. We know that Jesus prayed regularly and spent some time teaching his disciples about prayer, and that he encouraged them to be diligent in making their requests known to God. But often we find ourselves agreeing with Paul; we really don’t know how to pray as we ought and those moments can be disconcerting and confusing. Paul tells his readers not to worry about it. Even if our prayers are indecipherable, they do get through to God through the intercession of the indwelling Spirit of God. Even when words desert us and only sighs emerge from our troubled souls–it will be just fine. God is intimately connected to our hearts and will give us strength in our times of weakness. God is the prayer partner who always understands and who never stops giving!

Thought for the Day: What is my most frequent prayer?


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