Daily Devotions: May 13, 2017

Daily Devotions: May 13, 2017

John 14:1-7

“Do not let your hearts be troubled. Believe in God, believe also in me.” vs. 1

Over and over again we have savored these words when death has come to a loved one. The pain and the sadness may be overwhelming. We mourn the loss of a dear companion and our hearts ache at the prospect of life without them. And then come these words, and Jesus tells us as he told his disciples the night before he died, “Let not your hearts be troubled. Trust me!” And so we do…and while tears do not cease, hope is restored. This hope is at the core of the gospel message and is linked to the resurrection promises that come with our faith convictions. And every time death comes near, we turn to these words for consolation…and never tire of hearing them. Death does not have the last word, Jesus does! And he promises that our loved ones have a home with him forever. And moreover he promises an escort…he himself will take us to our new dwelling place. He doesn’t give us details. That’s left up to our imagination. But the key words to remember are rest and peace. Our dear ones, some of whom were suffering in this world, now are at rest and know intimately the sweet peace that each of us seek. No wonder we savor these words…they promise that the best is yet to come…and that’s very good news!

Thought for the Day: Which words of Jesus bring me the most comfort?


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