Daily Devotions: May 14, 2107

Daily Devotions: May 14, 2107

John 14:8-14

“Philip said to him, ‘Lord, show us the Father, and we will be satisfied.’” vs. 8

It’s ironic that the assigned lectionary verses for Mother’s Day are all about our desires for an intimate connection with the Father. Many sanctuaries will be filled this week. Mother’s Day ranks right after Easter and Christmas when it comes to church attendance…and way ahead of Pentecost. It has become customary, at least in the United States, for people to make worshipping together as family a way to honor mothers. Men who may not even come at Easter will show up in their Sunday best on Mother’s Day. One of the other ironies of the day is that for many people, memories of mother can be rather painful. Sometimes mothers have died and are missed so very much. And some mothers have not been very nice…and their children still suffer from the abuse. There’ll be a lot of mixed feelings in the pews this morning! It’s good then to have a text that lifts our thoughts beyond our earthly parents to our heavenly Father. Of course we know that God is more than father to us…and could even be known as our heavenly Mother…but Jesus wants us to know that we do have recourse when earthly mothers and fathers let us down. We do have a God who cares, a God who has been revealed in Jesus, and as we connect with Jesus we also connect with God. That’s good news for any day…and particularly good news for Mother’s Day.

Thought for the Day: What feelings do I have on Mother’s Day?


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