Daily Devotions: February 28, 2019

Daily Devotions: February 28, 2019

February 28, 2019

For full passage click: 2 Corinthians 3:12-18“And all of us, with unveiled faces, seeing the glory of the Lord as though reflected in a mirror, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another; for this comes from the Lord, the Spirit.” vs. 18

Paul had come a long way from his days as a zealous Pharisee. As he reflected on the old story from Exodus where Moses had veiled his face, he saw clearly how much had changed. He tells the Corinthians that in Christ the veil had been set aside and that all of them were seeing the glory of the Lord. His words are stunning! Think of it! Through the Spirit of the Lord, we are being transformed and becoming what we were created to be, the very image of the Divine Presence. This is the fulfillment of what was written in Genesis, “And God said, ‘Let us make humankind in our own image, according to our own likeness.’” Think of what this means to the people who encounter us in our daily walk! In our faces, they will see the reflected glory of God and they will be touched by it. This is exciting stuff! This is what the Jesus Movement is all about! It’s not about rituals and traditions and church hierarchy. It’s about living as the image of God in the midst of hurting people and bringing into their lives the healing light of Christ. Who could ever want a more incredible calling?

Thought for the Day: How does it feel to be the image of God for others?


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