Daily Devotions: August 20, 2017

Daily Devotions: August 20, 2017

Matthew 15:25-28

“She said, ’Yes, Lord, yet even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their masters’ table.’” vs. 27

It’s clear from scripture that as Jesus continued to announce the coming kingdom of God, he was forced by his encounters with non-Jews to make some adjustments. By nature he was compassionate, and his heart went out to these Gentiles who kept coming with their requests for healing. And when he saw their deep faith he began to make some exceptions in the way he dealt with them. It likely wasn’t easy for him to go against the strict precepts of the elders, ones that he probably hadn’t even questioned in his younger days. It’s never easy to break away from deeply held convictions and move away from exclusion. We see that clearly in our day as followers of Jesus have struggled with the whole issue of human sexuality and the full inclusion of gays and lesbians. Some have found it too hard and have reverted to the comfort of old laws and prohibitions. But others have taken the plunge, following the example of Jesus with the Canaanite woman, and have welcomed diversity to the community of faith. That woman was remarkable in her persistence; she knew in her heart that there were no limits to God’s gracious provision. It really is admirable to see the dogged determination of the excluded. They kept pounding on the door of the kingdom until it was finally cracked open and they could find a place at the table.

Thought for the Day: How have I dealt with the inclusion of the LGBT community?


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