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Blog (Page 198)

The Next 30 Years

Statistically, those of us in the 60 – 65 year old range can expect to live another 30 years.  The question is, what are you going to do in your next lifetime?  Not too many generations ago, 30  years was a long time.   Those of you who are 75 years old … what are you going to do with your next 15+ years?   No matter how old we are, how are we going to serve God and God’s…

Meet any crabby old people lately?

How many crabby old people have you encountered!?  Can’t count that high?  Many years ago I served as a pastor in a small parish in the Midwest.  Of course everyone knew each other and walked on egg shells around two old sisters.  After visiting them a few times, I told myself that it would be wise to never walk in front of their cars because I didn’t know if I’d make it across the road. “Crabby” did not even begin…

The desert is a place that beckons

“The desert here is a place that beckons you to reflect, to be silent and listen to the Holy Spirit. We are grateful for our time, we enjoyed our evening conversation with the pair of great horned owls, and we will be back again for more desert rest.”

Thanks for a wonderful stay

“Thank you for a wonderful stay, a time of learning, discovery, enjoying your hospitality, delicious food, friendship and the beauty of this retreat center. God bless you and keep you.”