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Learning How to Lead Well

Matthew Short Eight years ago, Matthew Short was the pastor of a growing Lutheran congregation in Wisconsin. He said, “At the time, I didn’t know how to do strategic planning, manage staff, or conduct performance reviews. The congregation needed me to have those skills.” To increase his leadership abilities, Matt attended a four-day leadership retreat entitled Leading Well. This event is sponsored by Portico Benefits Services of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and Vibrant Faith, an organization of ministry…

I Left Refreshed

Donna Campbell Recently, I attended the Boundless Compassion Retreat at Spirit in the Desert Retreat Center.  My initial purpose in attending a retreat was simply to step into another space and time to quiet the noise of my life, slow down, and clear my head. I chose this retreat to support my quest to become a more compassionate soulful being. Though I am very familiar with Spirit in the Desert, I had never attended an extended retreat there wholly immersed…

Small Miracles Were Happening…

I am so very appreciative of every thing that was done by the staff at Spirit to make our workshop session the best it could be. It was so apparent that “small miracles” were happening as the morning unfolded and, once again, I’m reminded that we are here to work God’s plan and not our own agenda. For all that Spirit did to make those miracles happen, I am grateful! —Diane

Jerry and Judy

To all the Spirit Staff…front desk, housekeeping, kitchen, yard, program planning—however you define your role, you are all truly God’s servants in your ministry to all visitors…The Spirit of our God roams these buildings and landscape—you are blessed to work here and we are blessed when we come. —Jerry & Judy

Great family reunion time!

My wife and I were guests at Spirit along with our family reunion. We want to express our compliments to the facility and our gratitude to the staff who were wonderful. All could not have been more pleasant, friendly, fun and at time, peaceful! It was the very best family Christmas ever. —Jodi & Daniel

Summers are beautiful at Spirit in the Desert!

Experience the quiet and peace of our campus…individually or as a group. Families are welcome, too. Swim in our pool, soak in the hot tub, take comfort in the air-conditioned rooms with private patios overlooking the desert and mountains. Come ready for delicious food and exquisite hospitality…all at our Special Summer rates! Call us today at (480) 488-5218.

Rural Tranquility and Park-like Setting…

“Spirit in the Desert is a unique combination of rural tranquility and exquisite park-like setting in the mountains next to Carefree, Arizona.  The accommodations makes for an ideal retreat.  The friendly, knowledgeable staff, great food, pathways, fountains, and gardens, help a person realize the beauty that God has provided for us to enjoy.  I highly recommend Spirit in the Desert to anyone who wants a serene, grace-filled encounter with time for reflection, listening, and letting go of the past.  I…

I came for a spiritual transformation

I came to Spirit in the Desert for a spiritual transformation. My goal was to learn meditation to relax the chatter and stress of my busy life. Mr. Kenji Kumara and his Bliss team took each of us through a unique journey. I can speak for the group that the weekend was transformative and could only be something that should be experienced by everyone.
steve holm

Read daily devotions by Steve Holm

This year,  Steve Holm, a retired pastor living in Tempe, will be providing daily meditations for Spirit’s website.  Steve served at Desert Cross Lutheran Church for 22 years. In the past he has provided meditations for Advent and Lenten illustrated devotional booklets. Now, we’re thankful that he’s providing these short devotions for visitors to the website. Read more.
joyce rupp

Boundless Compassion retreat

SEPT. 24-28, 2017: BOUNDLESS COMPASSION RETREAT LED BY JOYCE RUPP Purpose: To deepen the living of compassion in one’s life by learning and practicing ways of being a compassionate presence. Co-sponsored by Spirit in the Desert and Institute of Compassionate Presence. This retreat: Includes opportunities to explore the depths of the many  layered components of compassion as reflected in the central qualities of the life/teachings of Jesus. Aims to expand and deepen one’s  understanding of compassion from both a personal…

Crossing Over: Exploring Transitions Retreat

NOV. 10-12, 2017: CROSSING OVER: EXPLORING TRANSITIONS RETREAT LED BY TAMMY DEVINE, WITH WORSHIP/MUSIC BY MICHAEL LARSON What are Exploring Transitions Retreats? The Exploring Transitions Retreats are a part of our 3rd Chapter of Life “Explore Your Life’s Calling” ministry. These retreats are for those who are either nearing or currently living in their 3rd Chapter of Life–which is not necessarily a defined age category–who are seeking exploration and    guidance in their times of transition.  Each of the retreats offer…