SPICE: Individual and Couple Empowerment

SPICE: Individual and Couple Empowerment

DECEMBER 9 – 11, 2022

SPICE: Spiritual Program for Individual and Couple Empowerment

A one-of-a-kind research-based, spiritual empowerment program that utilizes mindfulness, neuroscience, storytelling, and experiential exercises to infuse more calm, health, and joy in your relationships and in the world.

SPICE: A Desert Sojourn Retreat

The Spiritual Program for Individual and Couple Empowerment (SPICE) Retreat is for individuals and couples seeking more meaning and purpose in their lives and relationships. Whether you’re floundering, fine, or fabulous, SPICE aims to bring you to the next level.

SPICE will inspire an attitude of non-judgment, curiosity, and open-heartedness as a means toward healthier relational interactions and connections. Through intention, attention, and attitude, individuals will be better able to cultivate acceptance of self and others, and a sense of relational empowerment and strength can blossom. 

Each lesson will include an introduction, guided practice, neuroscience section, storytelling, experiential activity, and a summary. This will be an interactive workshop. For example, there will be time for movement and stretching during each lesson and regular breaks.

Mindfulness practices, neuroscientific teaching, narrative storytelling, and experiential exercises that are specifically related to the areas of Faith, Family, Forgiveness, Fitness, Food, Finances, and Fun will be utilized.

Questions Answered

  • Is this a religious program? This is a spiritual program that aims to help participants achieve a higher meaning and purpose in life, as well as increased health and greater relationship satisfaction. It will not be focused on religion.
  • Do I have to have my spouse with me to participate? Individuals are invited to participate. Also, it is not necessary to be part of a couple to participate. You can still learn a lot about your relationship with self and others.  The activities will offer adaptations for individuals.
  • Is this program appropriate for diverse participants? SPICE aims to assist individuals/couples of varied cultures, races, ages, gender, and sexual orientation.  This program is about and encourages inclusion and acceptance of all people.

“Truly beautiful, heartwarming program that brings to light what is truly important. Makes me want to be my best self, not only for myself, but for my partner. I’m extremely grateful for the experience and feel immensely blessed to be part of the SPICIEST group.”

Retreat Participant Reviews

  • “I started the program worrying the whole time about my partner’s reaction. I ended it instead amazed with my own personal growth.” – Anonymous
  • “Gave me a new perspective on how I think about mind health and overall well-being – highly recommend.” – Ingrid
  • “This weekend has been one of my favorite experiences with my husband.” – Anonymous
  • “Thank you for expanding my knowledge of the 7 “F’s” and giving me the tools to use this knowledge in my current relationships, new relationships, and to let old relationships go that no longer serve me.  I really loved the whole experience and think it will become more fluid as you help more and more people.” – HB


Friday, December 9

  • 3:00p Check In
  • 5:30p Dinner
  • 6:30p Spirituality and Mindfulness – What do the terms mean for you? Learn their significance and power to change your life and relationships.
  • Break
  • 7:45p Faith – Learn why faith in yourself is essential to your well-being, and how it impacts your faith in other people.

Saturday, December 10

  • 7:00a Yoga (optional)
  • 8:00a Breakfast
  • 9:00a Family – Learn the importance of social connectedness and come to embrace a mindset of interconnectedness with the greater world.
  • Break
  • 10:45p Forgiveness – Discover how forgiveness benefits your mental and physical health, and its healing powers for your relationship.
  • 12:00p Lunch
  • 1:00p Fitness -This lesson will focus on the numerous health benefits of movement and proper rest.
    • Following this lesson, you will enjoy 30 minutes of quiet time to explore the beautiful grounds
  • 3:00p Food – Mindful eating will be taught in this lesson, and we will engage in a mindful eating exercise.
  • 5:30p Dinner
  • 7:00p Evening Social, snacks provided

Sunday, December 11

  • 8:00a Breakfast and Check Out
  • 9:00a Finances – Mindful spending and money management practices will be promoted, and my favorite story of all stories will be shared.
  • Break
  • 10:45a Fun – Solidify the weekend learnings with lessons related to the importance of play, including play in the bedroom, and engage in a fun, creative activity with your partner.
  • 12:00p Lunch

When is the Retreat?

Friday – Sunday, December 9 – 11, 2022


Price per person:

  • One person, private room : $415 per person
  • Two people, two in a room : $350 per person
  • Three people, three in a room : $300 per person
  • Four people, four in a room : $280 per person
  • Commuter, includes meals w/o room : $245 per person

Price includes: Three days of programming, two nights lodging and 6 meals (2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners)

Guests may arrange with Spirit in the Desert to arrive early and depart late for an extra fee.


Click below, call 480.488.5218 or email info@spiritinthedesert.org to register.

All are welcome to this Desert Sojourn Retreat at Spirit in the Desert Retreat Center in Carefree, Arizona!

Retreat Leader

Juliene Lemon

Juliene “Julie” Lemon, PhD, LMHC is the owner of Cedar Rapids Therapy in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and the creator of the Spiritual Program for Individual and Couple Empowerment (SPICE), a relationship education program.  She’s a constant seeker of all things well-being and a believer that relational satisfaction is the key to health and “The Good Life.” She’s been a practicing mental health counselor for over two decades and completed her PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy.  Julie strives to share her experience and knowledge to bring greater wellness to individuals, couples, families, and the greater world.