Earth Rising: Celebrations of Resurrected Hope


  1. Gail Turner

    Could this virtual gathering be recorded for use by potential participants who cannot watch live on Thursdays at 4:pm?

  2. Gail Turner

    The topic is SO pertinent, and reaches into consciousness not routinely found; it is worthy of a larger audience watching, then spreading the information via “adult forums/education” in individual Congregations. The change in our behaviors could be efficacious across the GCS, alone.

  3. Rev. Doug Moffat

    Too many drinking the kool-aid of climate change
    Listen to other experts ..the Pope has no experience in this

  4. Sunnie Adams

    A magnificent, challenging and imperative quest requires the greatest exposure possible.
    Always in All Ways.
    Perhaps to fund the availability of making presentations available for repeated viewing and sharing, a small fee could be charged. I would gladly pay to have access to view and share
    what I can not always attend.

    Well presented information, well documented and easy to access information is the most inspiring and motivating support for change. 🙂

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