Daily Devotions: October 9, 2018

Daily Devotions: October 9, 2018

October 9, 2018

Amos 5:12-15 …“Therefore the prudent will keep silent in such a time; for it is an evil time.” vs. 13

These words from Amos seem a bit strange in their context. He’s been railing against injustice and taking shots at the excesses of the wealthy. We’d expect that he would encourage his listeners to speak up and join the crusade. But he doesn’t do that. Instead, he says that the prudent will keep silent in such a time. His words are strangely prescient for those of us who are lamenting the sad case of political discourse in this election campaign. Even a brief encounter with television or radio ads is enough to turn our stomachs, and all of the candidates are doing it. There seems to be a concerted effort to sow division in our country–to force us to take sides. Some are finding that long time friendships are being threatened. With that as a backdrop, Amos is right. The prudent thing for us to do is simply keep our mouths shut and keep on doing those things we know are pleasing to the Lord. Focus on good and speak up for justice. Love kindness and mercy. Pray for our enemies and treat those with whom we disagree with respect! Use our ears often and our tongues seldom. And perhaps someday the incivility will come to an end! There’s no question about it. These are difficult times, and followers of Jesus are being challenged to let their light shine for all to see.

Thought for the Day: When is speaking up the right thing to do?


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