Daily Devotions: October 9, 2017

Daily Devotions: October 9, 2017

Isaiah 25:1-5

“For you have been a refuge to the poor, a refuge to the needy in their distress, a shelter from the rainstorm and a shade from the heat.” vs. 4

When we look at our history, it’s a wonder that the poor have ever survived the ravages of the rich and the powerful! Again and again they have been the victims, always the first to die in wars and the last to get relief in times of disaster. Legislative bodies and autocratic rulers alike develop systems that neglect the needy and give relief to the wealthy. It’s the way of the world…odds are stacked against the poor. The prophet knew this and he also knew that this reality was repugnant to the Lord. In his estimation it was only by the grace of God that the poor got any refuge or assistance at all. Those of us who are conscious of being the hands and feet of God in our interactions with the world will take the prophet’s words to heart. Where we have opportunity there is no more sacred work than being an advocate for the poor and a voice for the needy. It’s here that we will devote our time and energy: building homes, feeding the hungry, welcoming refugees, sheltering the broken. As times change and disasters come more frequently, our responsibilities will grow. As God’s chosen ones, we have a lifetime calling to serve the least and lowly.

Thought for the Day: What have I done recently to bring relief to the poor?


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