Daily Devotions: May 17, 2017

Daily Devotions: May 17, 2017

Psalm 66:13-20

“Come and hear, all you who fear God, and I will tell what he has done for me.” vs. 16

This psalmist was convinced that his prayers had been answered and that God had delivered him from a multitude of difficulties. Things had gotten so bad that he’d even made some vows…and he wants the whole community to know that he keeps his promises. So he’s brought his offerings and made the appropriate sacrifices, and he doesn’t stop there. He invites all who will listen, all the faithful, to come near and hear his testimony. It’s an appropriate response to God’s goodness, one that many of us could make with joy. God continues to do good things in our lives and stand with us through tough situations. Our prayers and laments are heard and we receive continued assurance of God’s presence. What a blessing it is when we get the opportunity to stand before our fellow believers and tell everyone what God has done! These are important moments in our congregations. So often we just “go to church,” go through the rituals, say some prayers and listen to the sermon, and never hear that God is alive and real and is acting with power in the daily lives of the faithful. But when we hear one of our peers, not a paid preacher, offer such testimony, it warms our hearts and gives inspiration. It’s not just smoke and mirrors…God really does touch hurting lives!

Thought for the Day: If I were called to testify, what would I say?


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