Daily Devotions: Marcy 13, 2017

Daily Devotions: Marcy 13, 2017

Exodus 17:1-7

“He called the place Massah and Meribah, because the Israelites quarreled and tested the Lord, saying, ‘Is the Lord among us or not?’” vs. 7

The people of Israel had an amazing collection of stories passed on through the generations about their early days together as a community of faith. Things had not always gone smoothly as they’d wandered through the wilderness with their distorted memories of what it had been like as slaves in Egypt. Quite naturally they had questioned Moses’ judgment and were ready to rise in rebellion, but mostly they were wondering whether the God who had brought them out of slavery had abandoned them. Their question has been asked again and again through the centuries, and is being heard with particular intensity in our time. More and more people are concluding that God is not present among us and that we are pretty much on our own. Some have even taken God’s name out of the human story altogether and say that his existence has always been an illusion. As a result we see people pulled in a myriad of directions and engaging in every imaginable enslaving and fruitless behavior. In such an environment believers are thirsty for moments of refreshment, precious times when we can drink again of those waters which restore vitality and bring us relief from rancor and discord. How good it is to discover springs of living water and know that the Lord is among us! Thank God for those times and places when we can be renewed!

Thought for the Day: What are signs of the Lord’s presence?


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