Daily Devotions: March 29, 2017

Daily Devotions: March 29, 2017

Romans 8:6-11

“To set the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace.” vs. 6

Some followers of Jesus struggle to live with their flaws. They have been blessed with a spirit of perfectionism and have the irrational notion that they should be able to live exactly as God desires. Paul had a dose of that gene too…and he struggled to do what he thought he ought to be doing. His great insight was to realize that he could never control what he called his “flesh,” that’s the physical part of who we are, the part that’s connected to our desires. He told the Romans that to focus on those desires was death. No matter what we try, the power of sin at work in the flesh will always be stronger. His solution was to focus on the indwelling Spirit of Christ where he consistently found life and peace. His words should be a consolation for us in our lifelong struggle with sin. We’re just not going to win that battle, but that’s okay! We don’t have to! Christ has won the victory over sin and death and we are the beneficiaries. In him, no matter how screwed up our lives might be, there is always forgiveness and hope. And on some days our sorry wretched selves can actually produce some nearly flawless fruits. In fact, sinners whose minds are set on the Spirit are beautifully equipped to reach out to embrace the least and the lost. In Christ we are the hope of the world

Thought for the Day: How can I daily set my mind on the Spirit?


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