Daily Devotions: March 21, 2018

Daily Devotions: March 21, 2018

March 21, 2018

Psalm 31:9-16 … “Be gracious to me, O Lord, for I am in distress; my eye wastes away from grief, my soul and body also.” vs. 9

At times it may seem as though our lives are charmed–that by some sweet combination of genes and luck–we’ve been able to skate through the minefields of existence unscathed and unharmed. We see the hurts of others and are grateful that such calamities have not visited us. For one reason or another, we’ve been spared the pain and loss that have ravaged other households and peoples. And then it happens! In a moment, sometimes with the ring of a phone, everything changes. There’s a horrible diagnosis, a deadly accident, a twist of fate, and our lives are changed. Time stands still and it’s as though we’ve been enveloped in an ugly nightmare of pain and tears. Suddenly we know what life has been like for others and we wonder if we have the capacity to endure; we wonder if there will ever be a day when we are not assailed by grief. The psalmist had been caught up in such a time, perhaps an extended time, and gives vent to the anguish he was feeling. He cries to God for relief…perhaps out of desperation…and so do we! There is nowhere else to go–all human resources have been exhausted and still the pain continues. So, we echo the psalmist’s words, “But I trust in you, O Lord…‘You are my God.’” And we are heard!!!

Thought for the Day: How do we know that God hears our cries for help?


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