Daily Devotions: June 4, 2018

Daily Devotions: June 4, 2018

June 4, 2018

Genesis 3:8-10…“They heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden at the time of the evening breeze, and the man and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God among the trees of the garden.” vs. 8

These stories from the Genesis 2 and 3 are amazing for the breadth of their understanding of human nature. In them, we see a down-to-earth God who forms and shapes the man from clay and the woman from a rib and who then pays them an evening visit in their garden home. And because they’ve been caught up in sin,  they’re terrified and try to hide in the trees. The notion of course is foolish and yet, because this is our story, it’s what we do regularly. We don’t measure up to God’s expectations and so we do our best to avoid God. Occasionally we even try to think God out of existence, reasoning that if there is no God, our problems with sin will go away. Talk about foolish notions! Naturally, because God IS–God will find us out–there is no place to hide–and we’re forced to confess our sin, but not without some blaming first. Ultimately, we have to have admit that disharmony has taken over our lives and we’ve no one to blame but ourselves. God always intends goodness for us and we mess things up. It’s a sorry story no matter how it’s told. In fact it’s more than a story, it’s the truth.

Thought for the Day: How do I try to hide from God?


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