Daily Devotions: February 7, 2018

Daily Devotions: February 7, 2018

Psalm 50:1-6

“He calls to the heavens above and to the earth, that he may judge his people: ‘Gather to me my faithful ones, who made a covenant with me by sacrifice!’” vss. 4-5

To this psalmist, God was no shrinking violet–a god who crept around in the shadows and who remained hidden from our eyes. This psalmist’s God was Lord of the universe, creator of all that exists, the One who ordered the paths of the sun and moon and who summoned storm clouds of thunder and lightning. And it was this God who had chosen Israel and who had made a covenant with her that was sealed by sacrifice. And now that God was calling for a renewal of the covenant, a reaffirmation of their promise to obey…and the whole congregation of believers had gathered in a liturgy of recommitment. Those services of reaffirmation have always been important for God’s people. They’re a time to reflect on God’s promises and also a reminder of our promise to love and obey God. Sometimes we call the ceremony an affirmation of baptism and join together with others in a common confession of faith and renunciation of evil. The years of our lives pass quickly and promises can be forgotten without special times of renewal. We don’t need to worry about the faithfulness of our mighty and powerful everywhere-present-God, but our zeal can fade…and let’s face it: sometimes we need rebooting!


Thought for the Day: Why do some renew their marriage vows?


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