Daily Devotions: February 3, 2018

Daily Devotions: February 3, 2018

Mark 1:29-32

“As soon as they left the synagogue, they entered the house of Simon and Andrew, with James and John.” vs. 29

Even though the old city of Capernaum is in ruins, it’s a favorite stopping point for pilgrims and tourists intent on walking in the footsteps of Jesus. The old synagogue is here. Archaeologists say it’s from the first century, and it’s easy to imagine Jesus teaching here…and casting out a demon. Not far away, there’s a church raised above the ancient walls of a house that was used as a place of worship about the same time. Many believe that this was the house of Simon and Andrew, the one mentioned in Mark’s gospel. It’s a fascinating place–one of the few in the Holy Land where an unbroken connection to Jesus can be felt. Time spent wandering and meditating in the rubble of these ancient streets is well worth while. We are reminded that the Lord we serve once walked this earth and brought hope and healing to real people in a real place. Jesus is more than an idea or a symbol. And,  while many myths and legends have grown up around his ministry, at the core of the stories was an actual breathing person. He was a man of his times, well acquainted with dominating forces and the plight of the poor, and his teaching was spectacular. There’s tenderness too, as he reached out to Simon’s feverish mother-in-law and healed her with a touch. This is truly a man worth following!

Thought for the Day: Why do we love studying ancient ruins?


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