Daily Devotions: December 3, 2017

Daily Devotions: December 3, 2017

Mark 13:32-37

“Beware, keep alert; for you do not know when the time will come.” vs. 32

When we hear of those who make bold predictions for the return of Jesus, sometimes even naming the day and the year, we are right to be skeptical. Our scripture is very clear in saying that no one, not even the Son, knows the time or the season. But sometimes those who laugh at the misguided prophets forget that the main point of apocalyptic passages is to advise believers to keep alert. Jesus wants his followers to live with a sense of preparedness, confidently planning for a long life while at the same time being ready for it to end tomorrow. It’s that kind of alertness that makes us appreciative of the constant blessings that each day can bring. Advent is a season that gives an opportunity to practice that kind of living. Some have found that Advent calendars are a wonderful tool for focusing our attention on the delights and opportunities that come our way. By living one day at a time we can anticipate the coming of Christmas and yet be alert to the constant presence of the Spirit. Today as we light the first candle of our Advent wreaths we can’t possibly know what tomorrow will bring…no one can predict the future. But we do know that Christ Jesus will be fully present in the challenges and opportunities of today…and those who are alert will see him clearly.

Thought for the Day: What happens when we’re not alert?


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