Daily Devotions: December 19, 2017

Daily Devotions: December 19, 2017

2 Samuel 7:8-11, 16

“Moreover the Lord declares to you that the Lord will make you a house.” vs. 11b

David had been successful in hunting down his enemies and had even captured Jerusalem and made it his capital. And now he had been intending to complete his conquest by taking control of the Lord. He would build a house for his god…and there he would come to get prayers answered and receive guidance. He would have his own personal oracle! As we read these words we wonder at his primitive notions…it’s laughable to think that any of us, even a king, can even imagine confining the Lord of the Universe to a single building. Yet we never stop trying to make God fit into our little ordered structures and organizations. We make up creeds to define God and then announce that God can’t operate except in the ways that we have determined, that God is who we say God is. How presumptuous! Did anyone even dream that one day God would be born in a manger? How can that even be? And more than that, that the child in whom God became incarnate would die on a cross? It is we who are in the hands of God and not the other way around! And God does what God pleases…and keeps on surprising us with astonishing and steadfast love. God even took a rebellious, murdering, adulterous man like David and made him greatest ruler that Israel ever had. Just imagine what God can do with us!

Thought for the Day: How do I try to limit and control God?


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