Daily Devotions: August 8, 2017

Daily Devotions: August 8, 2017

1 Kings 19:11-18

“and after the earthquake a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire; and after the fire a sound of sheer silence.” vs. 12

There was violent wind, an earthquake, and fire, and the Lord was not there. But then came silence, sheer silence, and Elijah heard the Lord clearly. This magnificent, ancient story has touched hearts and minds both inside and outside the church as it speaks to the human experience of the Divine Presence. We live in noisy times and it’s hard to escape the clutter of sounds as we make our daily pilgrimage. And these aren’t just quiet interruptions…often for some strange reason, maybe to drown out the voice of God, we choose the loud and cacophonous rhythms of rock as our accompaniment. Some might even say that we’ve become addicted to noise…we can’t even go out to eat without shouting to make ourselves heard. It takes effort and intention to find a truly quiet place where God can speak to our souls. What a blessing it is when we find moments of complete stillness where we can be alone with our thoughts and begin to open up our hearing receptors to the still, small voice of God. And what will we hear in the silence? Nothing less than what Elijah heard, the assurance of God’s continuing presence on the journey, and the promise of a good and glorious future. No wonder Jesus said, “Let anyone with ears, listen!”

Thought for the Day: Where can I find sheer silence?


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