Daily Devotions: August 1, 2018

Daily Devotions: August 1, 2018

August 1, 2018

Psalm 78:23-29“And they ate and were well filled, for he gave them what they craved.” vs. 29

There were regular prayers of thanksgiving among the Israelites for the gracious provision of the Lord during their time in the wilderness. Those psalms and songs insured that they would never forget that they had been kept from starvation by the hand of God. And because that was true God would surely continue to keep them safe and provide for their every need. It’s also true that since then, countless millions of people in our world have starved to death because food was not available to them. And we wonder, “Where is God for such folks? Why weren’t they showered with the ‘bread of angels’ and pigeons brought in by the wind?” Those are good questions and we struggle for answers. The best answer is that the food is available–the earth produces in abundance–we’re just not very good at distribution! Surely it is God’s intention that all people have plenty to meet their bodily needs; and some say we’re getting better at the business of sharing. Certainly it’s on our minds. Every congregation worth its salt has programs to provide food for the hungry, and massive numbers of people are being fed through their efforts. This is how God works in our world. We are the hands of God in making sure that the hungry will eat and be well filled…such is God’s gracious will.

Thought for the Day: How am I helping to feed the hungry?


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