Daily Devotions

Daily Devotions

We have spoken frankly to you Corinthians; our heart is wide open to you. There is no restriction in our affections, but only in yours.” vss. 11-12

2 Corinthians 6:11-13

Even though Paul mounts a spirited defense of his ministry to the Corinthians he does not expect that their relationship will be destroyed, and there is no hint that he holds any animosity. He loves them very much and even though they’ve expressed some negativity about his teachings, it has not affected his feelings toward them. That sort of confidence in relationships has been threatened in recent years. Long standing friendships have been fractured as our country has moved toward political polarization. As a result more and more people are taking great pains to hide strong convictions from their friends. They feel freedom in speech only when they’re around those who share their beliefs. And so we’ve become increasingly isolated from one another–some fear that if they say the wrong thing, others will be offended, and a friend will be lost. So we only talk about cultural, political, or religious issues with those who agree with us, and we lose any opportunity to learn and be changed. Living together in Christ transcends differences, making it okay to have frank and honest discussions with our friends. It’s love that binds us together in Christ and not our politics–and people who truly love each other are able to talk about anything, even their profound differences.

Thought for the Day: Why are some political conversations so difficult?


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