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Spirit in the Desert and the Institute for Healing of Memories began workshops for women veterans in 2017. Why? We answered the “call” that was so needed by so many women in the military who have been subjected to MST-Military Sexual Trauma. The statics with this type of trauma are astounding and heart-wrenching, and the hard fact of this is that it’s not just in combat, not just far from home and overseas, it is right on our military bases and it affects women of all ages, all ethnicity, and all rank.

Since 2013, the Institute for the Healing of Memories has had over 250 Veterans come to these life-giving and life-changing workshops at Spirit in the Desert Retreat Center! We now offer 3-4 workshops each year. Two are for Women Veterans only, and the other workshops are for all Veterans, no matter the gender, and First Responders. We have quantitative and substantive measures in place, that help us get an insight into how this workshop is helping our veterans. We are proud to be able to share that positive analysis that shows these work! Our Veterans and First Responders are finding a new path of healing, a brighter outlook for their future which often includes their families, and new friends in which they can trust and even help each other be accountable to healthy living for body, mind, and soul.