Ellie Roscher Brings 12 Tiny Things Retreat to Spirit in the Desert

Ellie Roscher Brings 12 Tiny Things Retreat to Spirit in the Desert

On January 28-30, 2022, writer, editor and speaker Ellie Roscher brings her charming and energetic self to Spirit in the Desert to lead a retreat based on her and co-author Heidi Barr’s popular new book 12 Tiny Things: Simple Ways to Live and Intentional Life. Through sharing, journaling, reading, great food, rich conversation, deep quiet, gentle yoga and more, retreat participants will learn simple ways to live a more intentional life, ways to take lasting steps toward learning and growth.

In a culture that says bigger is better, it is subversive to take tiny, lasting steps toward learning and growth.

Ellie Roscher

Roscher will guide participants through curating and cultivating their own tiny things practices. At the retreat, the group will discuss and practice tiny things in areas like food, home, creativity, communication and spirituality. “Maybe 2022 is your year of celebrating that little things are big things,” Roscher writes. “By doing one tiny thing at a time on purpose, we can slowly, deliberately and playfully remember who we are. Together, we will deepen our roots and grow toward the sun.”

Intrigued? Learn more about the 12 Tiny Things movement.

About Ellie Roscher

Ellie Roscher is the author of 12 Tiny ThingsPlay Like a Girl and How Coffee Saved My Life. Her writing also appears in The Baltimore Review, Inscape Magazine, Bookology Magazine and elsewhere.

Ellie hosts the Unlikely Conversations podcast and is a certified yoga instructor. She teaches writing at The Loft Literary Center and the Minnesota Writing Project. Through curious inquiry, commitment to the sacred ordinary and artistic collaboration, her work accompanies people to a more centered, whole, and embodied self.

Ellie holds an MFA in Writing from Sarah Lawrence College and an MA in Theology from Luther Seminary. She lives in Minneapolis with her spouse and sons.

Learn more about the 12 Tiny Things Retreat. Register by calling 480.488.5218.


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