Daily Devotions: November 6, 2018

Daily Devotions: November 6, 2018

November 6, 2018

1 Kings 17:13-16 …“She went and did as Elijah said, so that she as well as he and her household ate for many days.” vs. 15

It’s easy to say, “Don’t worry, God will provide,” but it’s a lot harder to live that way. We all know that sometimes people in our world starve to death. Sometimes people fall into bankruptcy and never recover. That’s just the way it is. So, while we may have some degree of confidence in our economic position, most of us are never quite bold enough to say that we never worry about finances. That’s understandable. But what doesn’t make sense is our obsession with money when we’re among the richest people in the world! There are some who could support thousands of people with what they have in their portfolios, and still they crave more. The truth is that most of us have plenty enough for ourselves and even more to share. We’ve been so blessed with material wealth that it’s embarrassing! How good it is when we can be at peace with what we have and not go into shock every time the stock market falls. It’s even better when generosity becomes second nature and we are willing to part with our gains for the sake of others. Sometimes we even find that there’s more pleasure in giving money away than in accumulating it. Divorced from our material obsessions, we can bask in the simple joys of being alive in this spectacular universe.

Thought for the Day: How much do I need to avoid financial anxiety?


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