Daily Devotions

Daily Devotions

Restore us, O Lord God of hosts; let your face shine, that we may be saved.” vs. 19

Psalm 80:17-19

The psalmist was thinking of the nation of Israel in his prayer, but his words have been used since in countless prayers, perhaps even our own. All face times in their lives when they are deeply conscious that things are not as they once were, that relationships have foundered, health has declined, or inflation has taken a bite out of savings. Whatever the situation we have a deep desire that there be restoration, that our old selves could be renewed, and that impending calamity could be averted. And so we pray–and sometimes restoration comes, and what a miracle that is! Whether it is in ourselves or someone we love, there is incredible joy. It feels so good to see and experience the healing, and all we can do is give thanks to God. But many times that restoration does not take place–our strength is not renewed, the relationship is not healed. Instead the decline continues–often as a corollary of the aging process, and we have to learn to adjust to our changing realities. But it’s funny! We keep on remembering how things once were, and we can’t help wishing for restoration, for a turning back of the clock. And we keep on praying for that miracle. But then one day we stop focusing on the past in favor of the great restoration that is to come, the ultimate merging with the Risen Christ. And amazingly enough, that hope too gives great joy!

Thought for the Day: Times when I’ve seen restoration first hand.


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