Daily Devotions: November 1, 2017

Daily Devotions: November 1, 2017

Psalm 34:1-4

“I will bless the Lord at all times; his praise shall continually be in my mouth.” vs. 1

Not all of us bless the Lord with every breath we take, nor is it likely that we continually offer praise with the words of our mouths. If we did there’d certainly be a different atmosphere in our social environment. Too often we forget the importance of a word fitly spoken and instead fill the air with careless and sometimes profane speech. Even the threats of parents to clean dirty mouths with soap can’t seem to stem the tide of gutter talk that becomes so natural for adolescents. Four letter words are so common in movies and songs that ears become desensitized and even followers of Jesus can begin to speak them as a matter of course. Some of us begin to wonder if it really makes any difference in how we talk. Perhaps holy speech is a relic of the past, the habit of Puritans and prudes, and now we’re free to speak however we please. If that were the case however, it would mean that words have ceased to have power and can be tossed about with no regard to their effect. And that’s just not the case! The words of our mouths define our character and paint a picture of our souls. They have the power to hurt or heal…and they do make a difference. And it certainly wouldn’t hurt for us to at least occasionally use our mouths to offer praise to our Lord Jesus!

Thought for the Day: Why is filthy talk offensive?


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