Daily Devotions: January 2, 2017

Daily Devotions: January 2, 2017

 Isaiah 42:1-4

“Here is my servant, whom I uphold, my chosen, in whom my soul delights; I have put my spirit upon him; he will bring forth justice to the nations.” vs. 1

Living in exile, hundreds of miles from his homeland, the prophet believed that Israel was the much-loved servant of God and that, empowered by the spirit of God, Israel would bring justice to the nations. It was an amazing vision for a leaderless people with a history of rebellion and disobedience…and through the years they clung to the words of promise, and kept on hoping for fulfillment. As Jesus received his call to ministry following his baptism by John, he felt the presence of the spirit, and remembered what the prophet had said. In that moment he believed that he was the chosen and beloved servant of God and that he had been anointed to bring good news to the poor and set at liberty those who were oppressed. After his death and resurrection his followers came to understand  Isaiah’s promise as the very cornerstone of Christian baptism, a conviction that continues today. In the pouring of the water and the proclamation of the word we celebrate the unconditional love of God and acknowledge the gift of the Holy Spirit. Every baptized person is the fulfillment of ancient prophecy, a much-loved servant of God with a mission to transform the world.

Thought for the Day: Why was I chosen for such an important mission?


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