Daily Devotions

Daily Devotions

Do not hide your face from your servant, for I am in distress—make haste to answer me.” vs. 17

Psalm 69:16-18

Whenever we’re feeling isolated and alienated, for whatever reason, the only thing that will restore serenity in our hearts is the assurance of God’s presence. One of the by-products of our isolation is a perception that God has deserted us, that the Omnipresent One has purposely decided to leave us on our own. Of course it’s impossible for that to be true! The problem is not that God’s face is hidden–the problem is that our eyes are closed! There is never a moment when God is away, and when we open all our senses, the Divine Presence is all around. Often the problem is the sheer busyness of our daily lives. When we’re in a car speeding along the freeway everything becomes a blur, and that’s what life is like when we hurry through our days at a breakneck pace. God’s presence is blurred, and we get the impression that we’ve been left alone. Through the centuries, people of faith have learned to slow down life through regular prayer and meditation. This doesn’t have to be fixed devotional time, though that’s always beneficial, it can be as simple as learning to “slow down and smell the roses.” Sometimes all we need is a few minutes in a chair in the backyard listening to God’s voice in the hymns of the  birds and soothing buzz of the bees. God is–we are not alone!

Thought for the Day: Where and when am I assured of God’s presence?


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