Daily Devotions

Daily Devotions

Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble, and he saved them from their distress” vs. 19

Psalm 107:17-22

Again and again in the psalms and other portions of scripture we read about how God reaches out to those who are in distress or any kind of trouble and offers them healing and restoration. This psalmist has in mind the occasion in the wilderness when the Hebrews were being tormented by poisonous serpents and God provided for them. It was a familiar story–and was remembered whenever the people found themselves in a tight spot. We like stories like this too–but sometimes this isn’t how it is in life–and we know it! Many have found themselves crying out to the Lord in time of trouble–and nothing happens. Things can even get worse! So what shall we do then? Shall we give up on God? There are some who do–and we can’t really blame them. But what other recourse do we have in our misery? Sometimes there’s nothing else to do but keep on crying out to the Lord–even when we get no response. And that’s what people of faith do! Right up until the gates of death we keep calling out to God for help, and if we feel forsaken, well, that’s how Jesus felt too. And one day, it may be that the word of healing that has gone out from God will come to us, and we too will hear and be restored. And that will be one glorious day! May it not be delayed!

Thought for the Day: Why do some folks miss out on healing?


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