200 Touchpoint Meditations!

200 Touchpoint Meditations!

Congratulations to “Bro. Jim” Hanson for officially recording 200 Touchpoint meditations! All 200 tracks of Jim’s insightful, engaging and often very humorous Touchpoints are available for listening on demand on Soundcloud.

Touchpoint is a reflection on where God touches our life story. It is a short homily by Spirit in the Desert Faith Mentor, Rev. “Bro. Jim” Hanson, based on a biblical story of people in the Old and New Testaments and their relationship with God. Our spiritual ancestors’ experiences of God’s grace connect with our lives in the present and our relationship with the Divine.

Listen and Connect

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  • Join the Spirit community every Wednesday online at 3:00pm or in person at 4:00pm to hear Bro. Jim deliver the messages personally and to share in a discussion of the Touchpoint at Wednesday Respite, Spirit’s weekly contemplative service. All are welcome here!


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