Jim Hanson

Jim Hanson

Everyone’s faith journey is different. Each journey is unique to one’s own history and experience. Sharing that journey with someone else can be a powerful experience. In the speaking and in the sharing one can clarify and bring into focus where one has come from and open oneself to what lies ahead.

For nearly 7 years, Jim Hanson served as Spirit’s “Faith Mentor.” The dictionary defines a mentor as ‘an experienced and trusted advisor’.

Jim has worked with churches and individuals as far away as in Japan, as well as churches in the U.S. involved in Chinese, Hispanic, and other ministries. No matter where you are in your life of faith, just beginning or far along, Jim is available to spend time with you, hear your story, and reflect with you on the depth and mystery of your experience with the Divine.

Jim, along with colleagues Tonja Snyder and Elaine Averitt, lead the retreat Prayer: A Practice of RE-membering at Spirit in the Desert in Fall, 2022.

Spiritual Companion, Retreat Leader
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Guest Services Director
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