"The Lord is my Shepherd" Tagged Touchpoints

"The Lord is my Shepherd" Tagged Touchpoints

Touchpoint: The Lord Is My Shepherd; image is bright chalk drawing by Sieger Kader of Christ the Good Shepherd

Rest for the Inner Orphan

“Have you ever had a boss encourage you to take time off saying, “I’ll do your work for you”? When was the last time you had a boss “see” you and recognize you were burning out, then encourage you to rest before going back to work? You might think, ‘Others have more difficult, more demanding jobs than I; I don’t deserve to rest.’ Maybe you wonder, ‘Is there no one who will see the burden I carry?’ Perhaps you’ve thought, ‘I love my job, my work as a parent or as a student, but I’m overwhelmed.’ Maybe we need to channel our inner Jesus and Michael McCabe. Maybe we need to listen for the Shepherd’s call to a deserted place.”
The Lord Is My Shepherd Touchpoint

House Dweller

“Who are the green pastures of your life? Who are the still waters? Who has restored your soul? Who has led you in paths of goodness? Been with you in the shadows of life?”

Are We Participants or Observers?

Jesus knows the trap that comes with having many followers. Because of the wilderness, he knows the danger and allure of popularity and power. He knows the importance of taking moments in a deserted place to be reminded of our true identity.