Spiritual Practice: Praying the Labyrinth

Spiritual Practice: Praying the Labyrinth

An introduction to the ancient practice of praying a labyrinth by Sue Palmer. Using the Chartres Cathedral-style labyrinth at Spirit in the Desert as a guide, Ms. Palmer, spiritual practices specialist at Spirit, traces the history of the labyrinth, and demonstrates several ways a labyrinth can be used to facilitate prayer and meditation as a spiritual practice today.

Rediscover this this ancient prayer practice yourself on World Labyrinth Day, Saturday, May 1 at Spirit in the Desert.

A labyrinth is not a maze. A maze is a symbol of life without meaning, it is an agent of confusion, deception with dead ends that lead you nowhere. But a labyrinth is a symbol of a life of deeper meaning, an on-going sacred journey leading us inward, outward and to greater wholeness.

Carrie Newcomer


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