Steve Holm

Steve Holm

Each year, Steve Holm enthusiastically plays more than 100 rounds of golf and writes more than 400 inspiring daily devotionals. Steve is a retired Lutheran pastor and lives in Tempe, Arizona.

He is the author of Spirit in the Desert Retreat Center’s popular DAILY MEDITATIONS which are available 365 days a year by email and at

He is also the author of the popular Advent and Lenten meditation
booklets published by Spirit in the Desert since 2008.

Golf is one of Steve’s pleasures; he likes how the game engages his mind while also providing regular physical activity. He welcomes the mental discipline golf requires and appreciates that the game repeatedly teaches him the important lesson that perfection is not possible.

Golf is certainty not for everyone, but Steve believes a few moments of in-depth daily meditation can help anyone get in touch with their spiritual selves and explore the richness of God’s inexhaustible grace and love.

When asked how he goes about writing a meditation, Steve said he doesn’t begin with his own ideas, but with the assigned biblical text for the day from the Revised Common Lectionary. He reads and re-reads the verses, letting them speak to him until something jumps out of the text. That “something” is the clue for developing the meditation.

The devotional’s contemporary application of the text to our real lives conveys encouragement and inspiration for the reader. Each one ends with a gentle question asking the reader to consider the opportunities in that day to be a person of love in God’s community.

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