Sheila Laughton

Sheila Laughton

Sheila Laughton (USAF, Ret.) was a career Intelligence and Force Management officer who served from the Vietnam Era to 2000. She deployed to Saudi Arabia for the first Gulf War.

After her military retirement, Sheila founded Welcome Home for veterans of all eras and their families, at the Loyola Spirituality Center in Minnesota. This unique program addressed challenging reintegration issues such as trauma, moral injury, life purpose, from a spiritual perspective.

She has worked with men and women who have experienced or witnessed trauma in her decade of experience as a Healing of Memories Workshop facilitator and now as a facilitator trainer.

Sheila has Masters degrees in Guidance and Counselling from Creighton University, and in Theology from St. Catherine University. A lifelong student, she is currently researching how personality affects resilience, cultural anthropology and spirituality. She has been married to her USMC/AF veteran husband for 45 years and has both an Air Force and Army son.

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