Gordy Griller

Gordy Griller

Fair justice for all.

“Very few people want to come to my workplace,” said Gordy Griller of Scottsdale, Arizona whose life work has been as a court administrator, a place where the legal resolution of disputes are usually emotionally charged.

Mr. Griller has served as administrator and chief executive officer for various courts in Hennepin and Ramsay counties in Minnesota and Maricopa County in Arizona.

He was appointed in May, 2021 to the Board of Directors of Spirit in the Desert as he continues consulting part-time for the National Center for State Courts improving management systems in trial courts throughout the country.  He has worked with courts in more than 20 states and territories.

Gordy is passionate about access to fair justice in our nation’s courts for everyone regardless of financial ability, race or status. While providing overall management for the Superior Court of Arizona in Maricopa Country, from 1987 to 2003, Self-Service Centers were developed to provide information and forms for persons who are representing themselves. Internationally recognized, the widely replicated Centers assist litigants who are without lawyers.

Deeply concerned about racial biases built into the rules, procedures and practices of the justice system, Gordy is active with the National Association for Presiding Judges and Court Executive Officers to bring about change making the acquisition of justice available for all.

Gordy said he accepted the opportunity to be a member of Spirit in the Desert’s Board of Directors because, “it provides a safe haven where people can re-connect with what is most important.” He hopes to bring his management experience from large complex organizations and his perspective of fairness and justice to Spirit in the Desert.

Awards and honors have recognized Gordy’s contributions to courts and communities, including the Warren E. Burger Award, named in honor of a former Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, who was the catalyst behind the creation of the National Center for State Courts. Gordy’s youth and early career were in Minneapolis and he is a graduate of the University of Minnesota. He has lived in Scottsdale, Arizona since 1987 with his wife, Helen, a school teacher. They have been married 55 years, have two adult children, four grandchildren, and they plan to continue working and volunteering to make our communities better for everyone.

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