Cyndy Warnier

Cyndy Warnier

Cyndy Warnier has worn many hats in her life, paramedic, dental hygienist, music/worship leader, author, and National Parks chaplain. Recently retired from Spirit in the Desert Retreat Center, she and her husband Al are now full-time RV’ers and camp hosts, which provides Cyndy opportunities for outdoor ministry. In her spare time, she creates retreats of all kinds, including adult VBS programs and limited hospice chaplaincy. Cyndy loves teaching and reaching people with the love God and love for one another, including all of Creation! Whether through her online devotions, photography nature walks, or in a retreat setting, Cyndy leads lively classes in which you can worship, sing, share experiences with one another, and of course, laugh!

Cyndy is passionate about photography, which she integrates into her ministry. A favorite she shares was from a recent trip to Creede, CO, which led to over 1,000 photos—150 of them had a moose as the subject. “Why so many pics of a moose?” The answer is best given in the words of the great photographer, Ansel Adams, “When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”


We All Belong to God’s Incredible Puzzle (great for 3rd Chapter of Life groups, very interactive)

My God Story…A Story from My Heart (great for 3rd Chapter of Life groups)

Scars … A Time of Healing & Forgiveness

NO Labels–Please…A Call to Live in Freedom! (How to kick our cultural and self-imposed labels so we can live in the freedom of God’s blessings.)

Fill My Cup Lord…Discovering God’s Blessings When We Feel Empty

Life Interrupted … Is God Interrupting Your Life for Something Better?

Practicing the Presence of God … Based on the writings of Brother Lawrence, this retreat invites us into a “habit of desiring God’s presence” in all that we do

5 Simple Things That Changes Lives … a fun time of discovery to un-clutter our lives by embracing the “simple things”

Arrested by Grace … A Journey into the Incredible & Scandalous Grace of God-or-Time to tackle the shackles we impose on God’s grace!

Come & Drink Deeply … this is a day retreat for anyone involved in care-giving, Stephen Ministries, hospice, etc. Come and drink deeply from God’s living waters through word, worship, discussion, prayer. Fill your dry sponge with a new joy to keep going on.

If you would like to know more about these retreats and others she has created -or- have Cyndy create one for you, please contact her at

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