Meet any crabby old people lately?

Meet any crabby old people lately?

How many crabby old people have you encountered!?  Can’t count that high?  Many years ago I served as a pastor in a small parish in the Midwest.  Of course everyone knew each other and walked on egg shells around two old sisters.  After visiting them a few times, I told myself that it would be wise to never walk in front of their cars because I didn’t know if I’d make it across the road.

“Crabby” did not even begin to describe them.  Most of the town folk, including me, avoided them at all cost.  We just didn’t like them and they didn’t like us.

Now in my 3rd Chapter of Life, I feel guilty as their former pastor because I have come to realize why they were so difficult to be around.  They had lost their MEANING & PURPOSE.  They outlived their family and many of their friends.  They didn’t think that there was anything for them in this small town.  They had lost their sense of calling from God.

Instead of avoiding them in fear, I should have helped them see beyond themselves and do some volunteering in the school, or at the hospital in the neighboring town …. or at least something more than wallowing in their own pity and making life miserable for everyone else.

What are your stories?


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