Daily Devotions

Daily Devotions

Welcome those who are weak in faith, but not for the purpose of quarreling over opinions.” vs. 1

Romans 14:1-6

Some of the early followers of Jesus had become vegetarians because the meat available in the markets came from animal sacrifices at pagan temples. So as a matter of conscience they abstained from eating meat, and felt that others should do the same. Paul, who liked his steak medium rare, disagreed, but he was appalled that such a thing had become a separating controversy among believers. Sadly, many communities of faith have been experiencing similar divisions in recent years over matters related to sexual identity, national politics, immigration, and race. Followers of Jesus holding opposite convictions have made their positions a matter of faith and some have felt compelled to leave their congregations. It’s sad when people who have been life-long friends decide that they can no longer live together as brothers and sisters in Christ. It need not be so! Paul encouraged mutual respect in those early communities. It’s true that welcoming transsexuals is not quite the same as welcoming vegetarians, but the principle is the same. Our mutual trust in Christ Jesus should override any kind of differences, even when our convictions burn hot within us. When we finally learn to celebrate diversity within our God-given unity, blessings abound, and we can even learn to embrace the other! Sometimes we can even end up surprising ourselves!

Thought for the Day: What current issues push my buttons?


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