Daily Devotions: September 14, 2018

Daily Devotions: September 14, 2018

September 14, 2018

James 3:6-12  …“but no one can tame the tongue—a restless evil, full of deadly poison. With it we bless the Lord and Father, and with it we curse those who are made in the likeness of God.” vss. 8-9

James does not have a high regard for the tongue. He calls it a restless evil and believes that it is the cause of the deep divisions that are found in the home and in the community. He wonders how it can be that the same mouth can offer up both blessings and curses and implies that more is expected of those who claim to follow Jesus. He has a point. Many of us have seen the same things. We live in a time that makes little distinction between acceptable and unacceptable speech. The same mouths that sing hymns of praise to God in worship can switch to f-bombs without missing a beat. Movies are full of curses and filthy talk, and it’s possible for our ears to become desensitized. Soon the language of the culture creeps into our daily discourse and we question if our speech really makes any difference. The answer is clear: our words do matter! They can build up or tear down. They are a major force in creating a culture for our community. Loose and careless talk is demeaning and destructive; it creates barriers and exaggerates stereotypes. If we’re serious about following in the way of Jesus, we will choose words that reflect goodness and grace and enhance the lives of those who hear us.

Thought for the Day: Why has filthy talk become acceptable?


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