Daily Devotions

Daily Devotions

Psalm 119:33-36 … “Give me understanding, that I may keep your law and observe it with my whole heart.” vs. 34

The Jews had deep affection for the law. They rightly understood that its precepts provided a guide for healthy and orderly life in community. No country or nation can expect to know internal stability without an overwhelming allegiance to what is called the “rule of law.” Many in our land have expressed deep concern over what has been called the breakdown of law and order. It’s a legitimate fear. Our hearts crave security and the widespread disruptions have sparked anger and resentment. The disorder threatens our future together. Some have proposed a national crackdown on expressions of dissent and the use of federal troops to restore order. Others are saying that what is needed is a new approach to policing and a wholesale revision of the justice system. Obviously there are no easy solutions to what has become a national crisis. But generally the way forward isn’t found in a tougher version of the past. The law is a gift from God but it’s constantly evolving, and rigid enforcement is seldom the answer. The psalmist asked for understanding, and that’s a worthy prayer request for us as well. Out of the current disorder, a new order will emerge–we pray that it will lead to the end of injustice and the advent of what scripture calls the “peaceable kingdom.” If partisan bickering can be put aside, good things can happen!

Thought for the Day: What will the new order look like?


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